NEWS: Tournament Winners

Before we get to this month’s QETC Tournament winners, congratulations are in order to some of our members for their success at the Burnaby Open Tennis Tournament, held June 23-July 1 2018.

Jeff Jarrett and Masami Anazawi: Mixed 3.5 WINNERS

Ingrid See (with Teiko Seki): Women’s 4.0 Doubles FINALISTS

Jeff Jarrett: Men’s 3.5 Singles SEMI-FINALIST

Ingrid See (with former QETC member Tim Oftebro): Mixed 3.5 SEMI FINALISTS


Additionally, one of our members won at the VIP Tournament held August 3-6 at Stanley Park:

Victor De Sousa: Men Singles, C division: WINNER


and now on to our own tournament…

August Tournament Medalists

Ladies Medalists:

Gold – Helen & Masami – Hello Kitties

Silver – Louisa & Nicole – Double Trouble

Men Medalists:

Gold – Jeff & Raymond – Alley Gators and Net Assets

Silver – Mario & Jackson – Pho & Roast Lamb