2024 Calendar


May 17  Meet and Greet (Indoors)
June 21 (Outdoors)
July 19 (Outdoors)
Aug 16 (Outdoors)
Sept 20 AGM (Indoors)
Outdoor Socials will be held in Queen Elizabeth Park adjacent to the courts.


No matter what your level, or if you’ve never played in a tournament before – you’ll want to join in the fun of tournament play set up on these QETC club nights. 
Be sure to mark these NEW dates in your calendar!
  • Friday June 14
  • Friday July 12
  • Friday Aug 9
  • Friday Sept 6

Tournament Format Overview:

June 14 – Mixed doubles with random partner selection
July 12 – Separate men’s and women’s tournaments with random partner selection
Aug 9 – Mixed doubles team event
Sept 6 – Separate men’s and women’s team event
Details of each Tournament and Social will be emailed to members prior to the events.


(Update Mar 2024) The Ball Machine is back, completely fixed up with new parts.  First trial run will be on May 7th.  Weather permitting, the ball machine will be set up on court 16 every Tuesday from mid-May to the end of August.  Typical operation is 5:30~6:45pm for baseline rallying followed by volley practice till ~7:30pm.  We welcome volunteers to help set up the nets at the start and take them down at the end.   

QETC is likely the only recreational tennis club that has a ball machine and we encourage players of all levels to take advantage of this facility. We suggest spending a half-hour session every Tuesday.  Novice players can develop muscle memory with practice. Intermediate players can set a target: backhand slices, angle volleys, offensive lobs, etc.  You will surprise yourself after a season of practice! Advanced players are also welcome to practice and demonstrate proper stroke techniques.