Preventative and protective measures are as follows:

Do not attend if you have experienced any coronavirus-like symptoms in the last 14 days, or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or have returned to Canada from outside the country or province in the last 14 days, or are considered vulnerable or at risk.  Possible COVID symptoms are listed in BC’s self-assessment link:

QETC will supply tennis balls for club and tournament play.

You can opt to serve using your own tennis balls. Please alert your fellow players to this fact prior to the start of play, and be sure to have your tennis balls well marked. You can then serve using only your own tennis balls. Please ensure the tennis balls you bring are in reasonable shape (used fewer than 3 times).  

When you’re not playing-

  • We encourage members to wear masks, especially where maintaining a 2M distance is not always possible.
  • NOTE: only scheduled players are allowed on the courts or on the court surface surrounding the courts.
  • We recommend bringing a chair or blanket to sit on, in the open area on the grass, away from the courts.  This may also aid in delineating ← 2M  Distance →
  • We encourage members to use hand sanitizer, whether supplied by the club or your own, prior to entering the court.
  • A ringing bell will announce time changeovers.
  • Do not enter or stand on the court surface prior to your scheduled time to play. Wait outside the fence or in the adjacent open grass area. and maintain a ← 2M  Distance →  For our members with mobility concerns, this rule will not apply.  We will work with these members to promote inclusivity.
  • Clearing name tags from the board will be done for you by a volunteer. Please avoid crowding the volunteer or each other at the board.  ← 2M  Distance →
  • The club, where possible, will identify one gate for entering courts, and another gate for leaving them.