Dear Members & Guests,

To ensure safety and fair play on the courts, please observe the following etiquette:

1. Stay on court until the whistle goes to end play. Shake hands or thank all players on your court, then walk (do not run) to the board to sign up for the next court time.

2. Sign-up only for yourself. Players cannot sign up for other members or guests.

3. Sign-up for one court time. Players may sign up for next or future court time when their allocated time has expired.

4. Do not clear players’ name-tags off the board until 10 minutes after play has started on that court.

5. Three balls per court. Should your court have extra balls, return them to the court they belong to (court numbers written on the ball).

6. Club balls are used for game play. Players will need to bring their own balls for warm up on courts not assigned to the Club.

7. Do not cross or enter another court while the ball is in play to retrieve your ball, to enter or exit courts, or for any other reason.

8. When your ball enters another court, please wait for the other players to finish playing the point before calling for your ball.

9. The receiving team makes the line and ball calls. The serving team keeps score.

10. Proper dress code required; no sandals or going shirtless.

11. Proper conduct at all times; no profanity, littering or spitting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask the Executive Members.